Bethany W

In sales, often a fast-talker is assumed to be a swindler. This is not the case with Peter Mann: he’s eager and efficient. My husband and I recently worked with Peter to purchase our home as well as a retirement home for my folks. Immediately I noticed several things: he speaks quickly and also understands things quickly; he goes out of his way to make the process easier on the client; he seems to be available more hours than are in the day. In the initial meeting Peter asked us thought-provoking questions that helped us clarify even for ourselves exactly what we wanted and needed. He encouraged us to be hopeful, but was realistic. He was very flexible and highly available for showings and was astute at helping us point out the good, the bad, and the ugly about the places we saw. When we found the perfect house to bid on he started on the paperwork immediately and facilitated a speedy process. There were a couple of bumps in the road but Peter was clear about what was happening, advised us wisely when we asked but was ready to follow whatever our wishes were. During the signing process Peter explained things to us simply and clearly, without any hint of condescension. In short, I’d recommend Peter in a heartbeat. He’s sharp, shrewd, genuine, friendly, and seems to heartily want the best for his clients.